Common Ground
Common Ground
Zola Rose

Welcome to Common Ground

A place for people who care about connected, affordable, sustainable housing & communities

About Us

This membership space is for people who are wishing to join, create, or serve housing communities that value social connection, ecological stewardship, and affordable living; These could be in the form of co-housing, ecovillages, tiny home villages, cooperative housing, home shares, and community land trusts.

It's a place to: 

find others who share similar ambitions and goals, 

network and partner with those that are shaping and creating communities, 

find resources and experts to support you along this journey, 

learn knowledge and skills through shared wisdom, 

create new narratives about "how we live" and new systems to support the creation of regenerative neighbourhoods and housing projects.  

Why You Should Join Us

By joining this community forum, you will find and network with others who share similar aspirations and goals related to connected, affordable, and sustainable housing & community--whether that be joining, creating, or serving in a professional capacity.  

You will be kept in the loop of relevant information, projects, resources, workshops, events, and stories as related to this topic.  

You will get priority access and discounts on valuable offers.  

It's a place focused on supporting you, your project, and this growing sector of community-led housing that is regenerative

It is an organised, safe, encouraging, inspiring space.

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